Court to DirecTV: Stop Claiming Your HD is Superior to Cable

A federal judge this week has temporarily stopped DirecTV from airing TV spots which claim that the DBS firm's HD service provides better pictures than Time Warner Cable's HD service.

However, the court said DirecTV can continue using its so-called "comparative advertising" approach in ads in which it contends its "overall" picture quality is superior to TWC's current mix of digital and analog channels because evidence presented to date has not shown otherwise, according to the Associated Press.

A preliminary ruling blocking the ads in question has been granted while a lawsuit proceeds through the legal system. A TWC request that DirecTV be required to show "corrective advertising" was rejected by the court, which said such an unusual step was not warranted. The court, however, gave some indication that TWC is likely to succeed in its claim that DirecTV's television spots and online ads were false when DirecTV said its high-definition images are technically superior to the cable firm's.