Cooke S7/i Lenses the Pick for Netflix’s ‘Below Zero’

Cooke Optics S7/i Below Zero
(Image credit: Cooke Optics)

LEICESTER, U.K.—Netflix’s recent Spanish-language action thriller “Below Zero” was shot using Cooke S7/i full frame lenses, the choice of cinematographer Isaac Vila.

The majority of the film takes place inside of a police truck that is being attacked in addition to dealing with the freezing temperatures. Vila says that originally they wanted to shoot the film with anamorphic lenses, but instead went with spherical lenses with full frame format to create a feeling of spaciousness in the setting’s tight quarters.

“The Cooke S7/i’s were perfectly suited for what we needed,” said Vila. “They offer the quality, and at the same time a minimum of focus, which allowed us to shoot freely inside the van.”

The lenses also proved beneficial to capturing the cold and, in particular, an underwater scene in the movie, Vila explained.

“Below Zero” is now available on Netflix.