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Consumers in emerging markets to drive TV demand over next 12 months

The next 12 months should see significant purchases of TVs, particularly flat-panel televisions, in emerging markets, according to a new report form NPD DisplaySearch.

The report, "Global TV Replacement Study," finds that emerging markets like Russia, Turkey, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico will drive demand for new televisions. More than 40 percent of consumers in those markets plan to buy a TV in the next 12 months.

The new report attributes rising demand in emerging markets to falling prices, increased brand promotion, and the ongoing replacement cycle. It also finds that as in mature markets, consumers in emerging markets increasingly are replacing their existing sets with flat-panel TVs, mostly LCD TVs, because of increased availability and their desire for better quality, a larger screen, HD television.

The report found that the mix of technology mix of existing TVs in households is different between emerging and mature markets. The emerging market technology mix is dominated by CRTs (53 percent), but LCD TVs dominate in mature markets where 54 percent of TVs are LCD. Plasma has a small presence of 7 percent in mature and 6 percent in emerging markets, and rear projection makes up for a negligible portion of the existing installed TV base, the report said.

According to the report, households in mature markets own an average of 2.4 TVs each, and in emerging markets, the average is 1.8 TVs per household. More than two-thirds of households in mature markets have more than one TV set, but nearly half of the households in emerging markets have only one TV.

The survey also found that more households in emerging markets use devices other than a TV, including mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and MP3 players.