Comprompter Installs Tapeless Newsroom at KMPH

Comprompter took Pappas-owned KMPH-TV in Fresno, Calif., tapeless with enhancements to the station's existing NewsKing system.

KMPH has been a Comprompter newsroom client for more than 11 years, so the enhancement consisted of adding a ClipTracker system to the NewsKing and integrating with the new video system.

NewsKing's new ClipTracker software integrates NewsKing newsroom automation with the NewsBank Digital Video System provided by Digital Broadcast of Alachua, Fla., and provides ingest-to-playout function. ClipTracker tracks each ingested video clip, which can be called up by name through NewsKing scripts to be inserted into the given script.

If a desired video is not yet in the system, a clip ID can be manually entered to create an auto-link to ClipTracker that will automatically attach the video when it arrives.

The Digital Broadcast NewsBank Video system consists of an Ingest Server, playout server and a large archive vault. KMPH has five regular edit stations plus one high-end suite, and a laptop editor for the field.

KMPH will use the system to produce nearly seven hours of daily newscasts.