Community receives patent for carbon ring cone technology

Community Professional Loudspeakers has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its work on carbon ring cone technology, a technology that offers far greater efficiency in loudspeaker design by placing a ring of extremely rigid carbon fiber placed around the outer edge of a specially designed cone, resulting in a structure that is both lighter and stiffer than a conventional cone.

"An ideal loudspeaker cone would be infinitely rigid and have no mass," said Bruce Howze, Community founder and president. "Carbon ring cones are a realistic step toward this ideal."

The increased edge strength also enables the use of a deeply pleated, narrow surround. A narrow surround permits a larger cone diameter, providing greater piston area in a given frame size.

"In short, a carbon ring cone is lighter, larger and stronger," Howze said. "A speaker employing a carbon ring cone will have higher sensitivity, higher mechanical power capacity and reduced cone breakup."

Community's carbon ring cone technology is employed in its VERIS, S-Series, R-Series R.25 and new Distributed Design Series product lines.