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Communications Specialties unveils pure Digital Fiberlink 4160 and 6320 series

The new Pure Digital Fiberlink 4160 and 4320 Series use all digital processing techniques to transmit over single mode or multimode fiber.

The 4160 Series supports 16 audio channels, and the 4320 Series supports 32 audio channels. An optional optical redundancy feature allows for continuous operation should a fault occur.

Both systems feature 20Hz - 20kHz bandwidth, a 24-bit sampling rate of 96kHz and a maximum audio level greater than +20dBm. They are compatible with all analog line level audio sources and operate over a wide temperature range using 95-250 volt AC power.

Offering all the advantages of a digital system at traditional analog prices, the 4160 and 4320 Series are compatible with the company's optical distribution amplifiers to provide point to multipoint distribution. Systems consist of two units (transmitter and receiver), each equipped with indicator LEDs to indicate the presence of power and audio signals.

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