‘Comedy Central Presents’ takes high road with Techno-Jib 24

Techno-Jib 24, the latest evolution of the jib arm, has found a new home on small video stages in New York City as a versatile camera support system. The device was recently used on “Comedy Central Presents” and “Paula Abdul’s RAH!”

The Techno-Jib 24, which works in small, confined space stages, allows a single operator to control diverse camera movements including zoom, focus, and the telescoping of the jib arm, through a customizable user interface.

It comes standard with the Stanton Remote System, and the included Mitchell Mount adapter can accommodate most remote heads. The device can extend from eight to a maximum of 24ft at a top speed of four feet per second with a maximum payload of 80lb.

The Hudson Theater in Manhattan, where “Comedy Central Presents” is recorded, is a small venue. Because of the Techno-Jib 24’s tiny footprint, the producers were able to capture everything from reverses to overs, wide shots of the house, extend into a 24ft crane move, do Steadicam down the aisle, and dolly from the back of the house. Each move was done without dominating the room or casting shadows.

Also available is Techno-Jib 15, which offers an extension of 6.36ft to 15.41ft with a maximum payload of 66lb. The jibs are available on the East Coast at www.cameramoves.com/ and on the West Coast at www.camerasupport.com/.