Comcast Unveils Xfinity Flex Streaming Platform

PHILADELPHIA—Comcast has announced an exclusive new service for its Xfinity internet customers, the Xfinity Flex streaming platform. The Xfinity Flex is packaged with an internet-connected, 4K HDR streaming TV device and comes with Comcast’s voice remote, an integrated guide to access streaming video and music choices, as well as Comcast home Wi-Fi, mobile, security and automation services.

Included in the Xfinity Flex packages is more than 10,000 free online movies and TV shows and the ability for live streaming TV from the likes of ESPN3, Xumo, Pluto, Tubi TV, Cheddar and YouTube. The integrated guide and voice control enable customers to browse and access programming through apps—Netflx, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and Showtime—and rent and purchase movies and shows from the digital store. They can also access video and music through their digital locker across platforms by pairing with Movies Anywhere, Pandora, iHeartRadio and XITE accounts.

Down the road, the Xfinity Flex will allow customers to upgrade to full Xfinity X1 cable service from the guide.

Beyond the TV, Xfinity Flex customers can also use the system for unique services like finding the Wi-Fi password, checking what devices are connected to the network, set parental controls, pause Wi-Fi access on the home network and automation tasks for checking and activating home security protocols.

The new service will be available to customers throughout the country starting next week, for $5 more a month to a customer’s package, per Comcast.