Comcast SportsNet Taps SSL

Comcast SportsNet recently installed a Solid State Logic (SSL) C100 digital broadcast console to deliver 5.1 surround mixes at major sports events. The Philadelphia-based company owns the cable rights and is the production entity of all the local telecasts for the basketball, hockey and baseball teams: 76ers, Flyers and Phillies.

"Since we started using the C100, we can easily create the multiple 5.1 mixes we need for each event. We also have the added benefit of SSL's superior stereo/mono fold down algorithm that yields a great stereo and mono version of a mix automatically," Mike Giacalone, digital audio consulting engineer for Comcast SportsNet said.

More than a mile of fiber optic cable is used to connect SSL's remote stagebox technology in the Citizens Bank Park, and the C100, which is located in the Wachovia Center.

"We typically do a pre-fade and post-fade effects mix in 5.1, a program 5.1 mix and an additional mix to outside sources such as a split for both NBA and MLB where they need a mix minus of certain elements," Giacalone said.