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Comcast Media Center offers disaster recovery for regional sports networks

The Golf Channel and several of Comcast’s regional sports networks have signed up for the Denver-based Comcast Media Center’s (CMC) suite of disaster recovery services. In the case of a catastrophic event that might disrupt the master control or transmission facilities of its disaster recovery clients, the CMC would originate their broadcasts, including scheduled advertising and promotions, until service at the primary facility can be restored.

The CMC’s disaster recovery services include ongoing encoding and storage of each network’s programming, on-air graphics and scheduled advertisements that would be used for originating the network from the CMC. These resources also provide TV networks with the ability to stay on the air during scheduled activities, such as a major technical upgrade or the relocation of their operations centers.

In addition to video programming that it archives for its disaster recovery clients, the CMC can incorporate live event feeds into the channels it is originating; it manages more than 15,000 live events in HD or SD each year. The CMC’s channel origination capabilities, which are used for the ongoing delivery of more than three-dozen HD and SD networks, include traffic, quality control and media management, and playback. Its satellite and broadband operations facilities currently manage the transmission of more than 400 full-time digital video and audio services.

The CMC also provides a variety of production services for HDTV and SD video and audio content, including studios, editing and audio mixing and sweetening.

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