Clickspring Design creates look for new NBC World News Center

Clickspring Design, a Manhattan-based design agency, created the environment for the brain center of NBC/MSNBC News, which launched Oct. 22 from its new World News Center at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.

The NBC News Center is an 8000sq-ft studio that links NBC Nightly News and MSNBC through a 61ft corridor.

Clickspring company principal Erik Ulfers, with a team consisting of Lori Nadler, Shweta Vora, Tarrant Smith and Peter Provost, created a set that is ultra-modern in both its visual appearance and functional capabilities.

More than 280 HD monitors provide the news operation with the ability to present multiple aspects of any story. Stations for more than 60 journalists, producers and editors working in real time are included, and LED technology enables the entire studio to shift in color to reflect a minute-to-minute barometer of the news climate.

For more information on the new, combined newsgathering center of NBC News and MSNBC, see "NBC News, MSNBC to launch combined operations from 30 Rock Oct. 22".

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