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CinePostProduction Uses Aspera to Speed SHARC Digital Cinema Distribution

ARMONK, N.Y. – With the digital revolution pushing 35mm film to the outskirts, theaters are looking for quick and effective ways to provide the best digital picture to theater goers around the world. In hopes of meeting that request, the German post-production facility CinePostProduction is combining its SHARC distribution platform with Aspera On Demand for high-speed transfer directly to theaters via the cloud.

Traditionally, Digital Cinema Packages are delivered on hard disks via courier or over satellite delivery. Instead, SHARC uses a hybrid-cloud distribution platform with a secure online web portal for ingest, as well as a scheduling and tracking system. Aspera FASP runs on the cloud for fast and secure delivery. Theater owners can access SHARC by installing the software, which is embedded with an Aspera Client package. CinePostProduction can scale up transfer capacity to meet the variable need by running Aspera On Demand.

Aspera, an IBM company headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., is a transport technology manufacturer.