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Chyron Announces Availability of PRIME Live Platform 4.2

(Image credit: Chyron)

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Chyron today released its new PRIME Live Platform 4.2, a broadcast-grade platform offering a full suite of production capabilities, including live graphics, production switching, video wall support and scaling, touchscreen, branding, venue control and augmented reality.

"With this release of the PRIME Live Platform, we have really focused on usability requests from our longtime customers," said Louis Garvin, Chyron vice president of product management. "Chyron is known as a leader in graphics, and this release has significant enhancements to PRIME CG."

The PRIME Live Platform 4.2 offers a new Bindings View that enables users to review all of the logic, assets and parameters associated with a scene. The view makes it easier and faster to troubleshoot and manage complex scenes, the company said.

The latest release also includes the ability to add an X-keys object to any scene and assign parameters, triggers and command sequences to a single key, enhancing graphics playout functionality, it said.

X-key control is now also available for the switcher side of the platform. Other enhancements to the switcher include GPI out tally control and active keyer indicators, helping operators achieve smoother, more error-free transitions, Chyron said.

The ability to recall individual user switcher settings also enhances overall ease of use. Audio capabilities have been enhanced with the addition of configurable audio delay, which makes it easy to sync audio and video feeds, it said. 

The PRIME Live Platform includes I/O support for SDI HD and 12G, NDI and SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022 IP, as well as streaming protocols. Numerous file formats and clip codecs are supported, and this release adds support for H.265, the company said.

The new release includes an easy-to-use chroma keying capability, which is available in both the graphics and switcher modules. The latest release of the platform also supports chroma keying of not simply a single image or video stream, but also groups of objects or even a single face of an object, the company said.

More information is available on the company’s website.