China Movie Channel restores old films and TV shows

Beijing-based China Movie Channel, which broadcasts five SD channels and one HD channel to more than 800 million viewers throughout China, has installed a new color image restoration system to restore some of the station's older films and TV shows.

The China Movie Channel, including CCTV6, airs programming 24 hours a day to all of China on six different channels. Movies broadcast include local and foreign films, documentaries, animated programs and locally produced programs. The channels broadcast by the China Movie Channel are CHC Home Theatre, CMC Chinese Movie Channel, CMC Hong Kong Channel, CMC Animation Movie Channel and CHC High Definition Movie Channel.

The China Movie Channel will use da Vinci's Revival product for tasks ranging from heavy-duty restoration to digital remastering. Revival offers deFlicker, dust, stain, dirt, grain and noise removal functionality. An automatic mode analyzes and processes images without operator assistance, while an interactive mode enables manual restoration of individual sequences, allowing operators to achieve high-quality results at optimized speed.

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