China Broadcaster Readies For Olympics With Euphonix Gear

Euphonix is supplying China’s Shandong Television with several new audio components needed for modernizing studios in preparation for the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games.

SDTV has ordered a 40-fader System-5 integrated digital workstation controller, three 8-fader System-5 consoles, a Max Air digital audio mixing system and a 40-fader System 5-B digital mixing system for use in an ENG vehicle.

“Like many other television stations throughout China, we’ve trusted Euphonix to provide flexible yet stable sound systems for our newsrooms, live event broadcasts and post-production work,” said Yu Shaoyuan, chief of SDTV’s audio department. “With our latest purchase, we’ve taken a leadership position in the industry to ensure our engineers have the best possible equipment to provide the highest quality broadcasts.”

SDTV was established in 1960, has five studios and provides six channels of television programming. SDTV’s programming reaches 130 million viewers.

The new Euphonix equipment will enable SDTV operators to manage multiple audio mixing responsibilities across numerous digital audio workstations throughout the studio complex.