Chevron signage network reaches motorists right at the pump

Chevron's Video at the Pump Program will be deployed at several locations throughout the western United States.

Chevron is rolling out a digital signage network aimed at entertaining motorists while they refuel and driving customers into the convenience store. The gasoline giant has selected PumpMedia to manage this new initiative dubbed the Video at the Pump Program.

PumpMedia's Pump Top Media system combines Real Digital Media's NeoCast digital signage platform and Avocent's Emerge MPX1000 HD multipoint extender solution. The system's hardware includes an energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED-backlit LCD display that delivers audio and video messages in all lighting conditions. This pragmatic architecture provides refueling motorists with targeted, high-impact and meaningful audio and video content. PumpMedia also manages the installation and implementation of its Pump Top Video systems, advertising sales and network management.

PumpMedia has participated in test sites at Chevron corporate stores in Southern California during the past year, and has recently been selected by one of Chevron's largest independent service station operators, G&M Oil, to implement the Video at the Pump program. PumpMedia will be deploying the program at Chevron locations throughout the western United States. Chevron operates more than 10,000 retail fuel stations across the U.S. under the Chevron and Texaco brand names.

Unlike signage programs driven by third-party advertisements, PumpMedia focuses more on differentiating the gas station itself and reaching customers with full-motion video and audio while they are refueling at the pump. Video content includes five-minute TV segments, daily news, local weather from AccuWeather and sports. The retailer also has the opportunity to promote its in-store services.

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