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Charter Taps Terayon to Managing HD Bandwidth

Charter Communications is deploying Terayon's Network CherryPicker DM 6400 for managing HDTV service in several of its cable networks.

Charter is using the DM 6400 to deliver three HD programs in a single channel, exceeding the two HD programs a channel can typically support when operating at 256 QAM. Terayon claims that "rate shaping" -- the real-time adjustment of a digital video program's bit rates to match a given amount of bandwith -- lets Charter deliver more HD programming with less bandwidth, freeing up more space for delivering other services like VOD.

Designed specifically for HDTV, the DM 6400is the latest product in Terayon's Network CherryPicker line of digital streams management systems. According to the company the DM 6400 can "rate shape" up to four HD programs into a 256 QAM channel and maintain picture quality; using 16 ASICs, each DM 6400 can rate shape up to 16 programs at once.

Charter is already using the DM 3200 Network CherryPicker in some of its cable systems for custom SD digital channel schedules.