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CES2009: LG to Unveil First 480 Hz LCD

You knew it would be coming sooner or later, especially in the wake of heavy HD marketing this holiday season for 120 Hz as one more way to distinguish an armada of available DTV models from one another. But in this instance, it seems at least one step (240 Hz) is being skipped altogether. LG Display has developed what it calls its "Trumotion" line of LCD panels that will boast 480 Hz. That means the screen image refreshes itself 480 fps—creating what the maker says is virtually complete fluidity of motion to the naked eye.

The Trumotion 480Hz LCD panel will be demonstrated at the 2009 International CES in Las Vegas (Jan. 8-11). LG hopes to begin shipping the units in Asia and globally by the second half of the new year. (Alas, price points are not yet available, but 120 Hz units are noticeably costlier than 60 Hz product).

As with 120 Hz, which are marketed as being better suited over 60 Hz for action imaging (notably sports and movies), whether the typical consumer can appreciate the difference in fps of 240 Hz and 480 Hz panels is yet to be seen (so to speak).