CES2007: Amimon to Show New Wireless HD Interface

At CES2007 in Las Vegas on Jan. 8-11, startup firm Amimon plans to demo a prototype of its new wireless interface for HD video using technology based on a variation of 802.11n that can deliver up to 1.5 Gbps.

The interface is designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective alternative for delivering HD video wirelessly within a room, such as a primary video source to an HD monitor. The firm's technology is competing with other companies which are pursuing comparable applications using UWB (ultrawideband), 60 GHz radios, and other mostly proprietary technologies, according to EETimes.com.

Amimon said it expects to have chips for a separate transmitter and receiver baseband available soon, as well as companion RF chips a bit later in the new year. It forecasts the complete four-chip set should be ready for production by late 2007. Most of Amimon's approach is based on core 802.11n technologies, a 5 GHz radio with OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplex) modulation, and a 4x5 MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) antenna configuration.