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CES2006: Micronas Unveils HD Film Non-judder Remedy

Micronas will demo its next-gen HD motion compensation technology [LVCC, Booth #35346 in South Hall 4), which it says eliminates the "judder" that appears when film source material from broadcast or playback devices is viewed on many HD monitors.

Since most motion pictures are filmed at 24 fps, HD sets repeat frames to display them on 60 Hz NTSC/ATSC sets. Thus, object motion and camera panning will often cause judder. Micronas said in a statement its motion compensation technology (called "Real Motion") fills in additional frames which represent the actual object positions between the original images, creating a more realistic motion sequence.

The Real Motion technology this week at CES has been enhanced to process images for 1920 x 1080. The company said the fill-in motion enhancements are most effective on screens larger than 32 inches, so Micronas is primarily making the non-judder software available to large LCD and plasma HD screens, as well as projector engines.