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CES2006: MatrixStream to Demo H.264 HD IPTV

MatrixStream Technologies plans to demonstrate its new scheme for a H.264 advance video codec VOD and IPTV set-top box/PC player which the company said is capable of 1080 x 1920 [Corinex Booth #26824 in LVCC South Hall 2].

Its 1020HD STB is designed to match HD video over all broadband networks. MatrixStream said its units are designed to avoid broadband bandwidth congestion and integration issues, which can often lead to sluggish download periods or lower quality, by tapping into the H.264 codec.

Features include interactive menus and "dynamic advertising management" (DAM) technology, which the company said in a statement targets commercials based on individual user preferences. MatrixStream will make the 1020HD available for beta-trials late this month, with a consumer retail model scheduled for production by early spring.

In addition to its STB efforts, MatrixStream plans to also launch its IMX1100 PC Player in late January from a client's Web site at: . The player will feature free HD movie clips of mostly small independent films.