Celebro Media Opens 4K/UHD Studio in D.C.

LONDON—The White House is ready for its close-up. The home of the president of the United States will serve as the backdrop for the new 4K/UHD broadcast studio from Celebro Media. Celebro says that the newly constructed studio is the first U.S. studio to be fully 4K/UHD functioning and features IP technology and multi-camera capabilities.

Celebro Media is making the studio space available for news broadcasters on an ad hoc basis during the run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections. It can also serve as a pop-up studio during breaking news stories.

The studio is fitted with NewTek’s IP Series, a software-driven, modular video production system with access to video sources and video mixing options. It is designed for the latest IP video-production techniques while also being backwards compatible. Rotolight’s Anova Pro 2 LED units will serve as the studio’s lighting and Riedel will supply all real-time signal distribution, communications and data transport solutions.