CEATEC: SiBeam Demos 2G Wireless HD Chip

SiBeam is using the global forum of CEATEC this week in Japan to show its prototype second-generation 60 GHz chip designed for wireless video networking. The 2G chip is based on the Wireless HD specification which is being promoted by the recently formed WiGig Alliance.

The new chip will be marketed as the most viable current option for promoting high-quality lossless 1080p wirelessly. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based SiBeam (along with some other firms such as Amimon) are vying for the biggest slice of the wireless HD pie with their various 60 GHz schemes — all of which are proprietary technologies.

SiBeam said its new 2G chip is designed for lower power consumption, among other advancements. The firm’s basic network processor (model SB9220) and RF transmitter (model SB9210) would be most suitable to A/V receivers, home theater systems and Blu-ray players, it said, while its higher-end chipset (models SB9221 and SB9211) are designed primarily for DTV monitors and projectors.

WiGig Alliance members, to date, include: Amimon, Atheros, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, LGE, Marvell, Microsoft, Mediatek, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, SiBeam and Wilocity.