CEA Finds Interest and Confusion Over 3DTV

ARLINGTON, VA.: The buzz around 3DTV has served its purpose: Interest is heating up. However, as with any emerging technology, questions abound. The Consumer Electronics Association’s latest survey of 250 retail sales associates revealed “that many consumers are still confused about 3D technology,” the group said.

“Interest at retail for 3D technologies is growing,” said Shawn DuBravac, CEA’s chief economist and director of research. “Ensuring consumers and retail sales associates have the answers they need is paramount.”

CEA said that 3D content is “pivotal” for most folks in retail. Nearly 80 percent of the associates interviewed believed sales of 3D technologies would not be strong until more 3D content becomes available. They said customer questions about 3D content were among those most frequently asked.

“Interest in buying a 3DTV is being helped by a desire to watch 3D movies and 3D sports and play 3D games,” DuBravac said. “Early sales figures tracked by CEA look solid. With content being king, developments like the recent launch of ESPN 3D and a slew of 3D movie titles set to hit Blu-ray will propel the category further.”

CEA described the “view of 3DTV from the sales floor” as “generally positive.” Sales personnel interviewed said roughly half of shoppers have an overall positive response to 3D technologies, while 2 percent responded negatively. Around 80 percent of the sales associates said they’d seen in increase in interest for 3DTV and Blu-ray dis players. About 70 percent said they felt well-trained enough to answer queries about 3DTV, while about half of the customers they all encountered “had some confusion about the technology.”