CEA Anticipates First Revenue Dip in Eight Years

WASHINGTON: The Consumer Electronics Association expects revenues for its sector to fall by nearly 8 percent to around $165 billion, marking the first decline in eight years. The lobby said it expected modest growth to return next year, forecasting an increase of less than one percent.

The CEA’s “2013 Industry Forecast” included the revenue predictions as well as sales trends for specific technologies. TV sales are expected to total 35 million this year, an increase by 8 percent. LCDs lead, with volume sales up 24 percent. Overall revenues from TV shipments are expected to reach $24 billion this year, down 6 percent. Blu-ray player sales are pacing to total 6 million for ’09, up 112 percent. Generating revenues of $1 billion, up 48 percent.

Lower prices are expected to drive HD flat-panel unit sales up as much as 33 percent by 2013, though related revenues will fall by around 10 percent.

Sales of emerging organic light-emitting diode displays are expected to grow from 45,000 units last year to 2.4 million in 2013.
-- includes information compiled byTV Technology