CBS TV Stations Tap Alphonso for Local TV Attribution

(Image credit: Alphonso)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—CBS Television Stations is making the Alphonso Local platform the standard for its 17 owned stations throughout the U.S. to provide TV attribution for local advertisers.

Alphonso Local, from the Alphonso TV data company, is a suite of TV ad analytics and attribution services that provide info on the effectiveness of TV campaigns in driving business results like website visits and conversions, foot traffic to physical locations, online and offline transactions and more.

The CBS TV Stations sales teams can now show clients how various programs, shows, dayparts and creatives are performing in achieving the goals of local TV campaigns. Data includes showing how many people viewed an ad in a specific time frame and then subsequently visited the advertiser’s store, or website or mobile app.

Alphonso Local is powered by video AI deployed in a range of smart TVs and connected TV devices, enabling it to provide real-time and OTT viewership data, according to the company. They also report having 15 million opted-in U.S. households providing viewership data.

“Today’s marketing success demands more precise measurement and Alphonso addresses that for our station’s and clients,” said Julio Marenghi, president of sales at CBS Television Stations. “It enables powerful one-to-one targeting of TV audiences across all screens giving brands insights that rating points do not necessarily address in traditional media plans.”

CBS is using Alphonso Local at its TV owned stations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa.

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