CBS taps SSL digital audio console for “The Bold And The Beautiful”

Sold State Logic’s C200 digital console will help CBS Television City streamline its digital audio production capabilities, while saving time during set up and post production.

Continuing its transition to an all-digital production, CBS has purchased a Solid State Logic C200 digital audio production console for its soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The C200, the first digital console for CBS Television City, was chosen for its sound quality, familiar operation and advanced processing structure.

The C200’s capability to recall the many console and equipment configurations necessary is saving CBS time and streamlining the post-production process. Additionally, most of the audio equipment used in-house is digital, so the C200 significantly reduces interfacing tasks.

The C200 provides a dedicated knob per function control surface, including analog emulation of traditional SSL equalizer and dynamics sections. Based on entirely new Centuri processing technology, the digital console operates at 48kHz or 96kHz, while retaining all of its extensive bussing capabilities at both sample frequencies.

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