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CBS Buys Fairlight DREAM Constellation XT Consoles

CBS has purchased two Fairlight DREAM Constellation XT Consoles for post production use at the CBS Television City facility in Los Angeles. Promos for the entire CBS TV network are produced there and the consoles are being installed to streamline the workflow.

"CBS has been a Fairlight systems user for many years, so they are used to fast, reliable editors," said Stuart DeMaris, Fairlight sales and marketing director. "We are pleased to serve CBS and look forward to an innovative future with one of the world's most iconic broadcasters."

The DREAM Constellation consoles will be networked together to allow projects to be moved from suite to suite. The console architecture allows linkage to video edits, as well as the ability to accommodate a variety of audio formats and a high processing speed. The Television City installations Fairlight are scheduled to be completed in January, with Fairlight overseeing the project.