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Carl Zeiss Names Abel Cine as Service Partner

Jeff Marzigliano, Lens Technician; Rich Abel, Vice-President / COO; Nathaniel Bonini, Director of Services, all of Abel Cine Tech
Renowned lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss has given U.S.-based Abel Cine the title of “Carl Zeiss Authorized Service Partner,” allowing them to service Zeiss customers in the Americas.

Clients will be able to send lenses directly to Abel Cine and expect to receive the same service as from Carl Zeiss, but with significantly less wait time. The aim is to increase efficiency through a localized servicer.

“We’re delighted with the special trust Carl Zeiss has placed in us through this official partnership,” said Abel Cine President and CEO Pete Abel. “We will use our experience and technical know-how to build awareness among Carl Zeiss customers in America for its products and to provide the outstanding performance and quality for which Carl Zeiss lenses are renowned the world over.”

Carl Zeiss seeks to expand authorizations to any applicable business in the cinematography industry through a training program. Instruction would come from Carl Zeiss partners and the use of special tools would assure uniform results.

Established in 1989, Abel Cine has three locations in New York City, Burbank, Calif. and Chicago, Ill.