Capital FX expands Digital Intermediate Services

With seven digital film recorders running 24-hours and more film directors requesting the 4K digital intermediate process, Capital FX, a post-production company in the UK, selected Silicon Graphics as the storage and cross-platform networking solution provider for its new digital intermediate (DI) theater.

Capital FX now has the ability to complete the filmmaking process from the digitization of raw shot rushes, through color grading, dust busting, editing, special effects, compositing and film write-out in real time at 2K or 4K resolution.

With the SGI InfiniteStorage RM660 SAN/ SGI InfiniteStorage shared filesystem CXFS software installation, Capital FX has now centralized its digital workflow, allowing multiple operations to be performed simultaneously on multiple operating systems in different suites in the facility. This reduces the requirement to copy data-critical in this market, where a 90-minute feature film in 4K resolution generates 16TB of data. Capital FX purchased this solution in the second quarter of 2005.

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