Canon HD Lenses Are Star Players at IMS

INDIANAPOLIS —IMS Productions is a diversified multimedia services company that’s best known for its fleet of five state-of-the-art remote HD production trucks that provide live on-location HD production services for major racing, national sports, and other broadcast competitions.

One of the cameras fitted with Canon lenses used by IMS Productions IMS Productions also operates a full post-production house, complete with two fully equipped HD studios, control and green rooms, where we produce long-form programming and commercials for some of the world’s largest and well-known companies.

Integral to all of our production work is an extensive equipment inventory and this includes exclusively Canon lenses. We have more than 50 Canon HDTV zoom lenses used with the numerous HD cameras deployed in IMS Productions’ mobile vehicles.

When it comes to production equipment, I like to do business with people that I consider to be partners; for me that word is defined as a close relationship that begins the day after the equipment order is processed and continues onward into the future. When my team has a need for a special lens and picks up the phone, Canon has proven time and again that they are there and ready to help. Canon also has a dedicated service technician in my area who, without our needing to do anything, annually visits, inspects, and takes care of our Canon lenses.

If we ever have any issues with a lens, I never have to worry about what the outcome is going to be when I pick up the phone and speak to the service employees at Canon.

IMS Productions’ inventory of Canon HDTV lenses includes XJ100x9.3B, XJ95x8.6B, XJ86x9.3B, and XJ80x8.8B longfield HD zoom models featuring Canon image stabilizer technology for steady shots at telephoto distances. These lenses deliver the operational ruggedness required for mobile TV production, which can encompass a diversity of temperature extremes depending on the time of year and location. I define “temperature extremes” as what we encounter on any given weekend; we may be doing as many as four or even five different shows: an auto auction, college football game, or an IndyCar race. Temperatures can be extremely variable and humidity can also be a factor at outdoor events. However, whatever the climate and conditions are, Canon lenses do their job.

As a direct result of our positive experience with Canon HD lenses, we’re now looking at Canon’s EOS C300 Cinema cameras, which are designed for producing commercials, movies, and other film-style content. We’re also looking at the Canon XA25 professional HD camcorder for scoreboard, race control room POV shots, and similar uses.

Our philosophy has always been to select the best possible equipment that’s out there, and we believe that Canon represents just that. Canon’s products are truly outstanding, and we trust them implicitly from a technical and a deliverable basis.

At the end of the day, it’s always been the partnership that’s formed after we shake hands and the service received that keeps us as a Canon client.

Robert Greene is the president and chief executive officer of IMS Productions. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Canon at 800-652-2666 or