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Calrec joins AVnu Alliance

In an effort to drive the movement toward a common protocol for audio networking, Calrec has joined the AVnu Alliance, an industry consortium dedicated to the development and promotion of a professional-quality streaming standard for networked audio and video content based on the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standards.

The AVB standard addresses Ethernet's most serious shortcomings as a transport for streaming audio. Calrec knows much about audio networking and has already brought two solutions to the table. It wants to ensure that its customers' needs are well-represented in the new protocol.

The first industry forum to lead the adoption of an Ethernet-based open networking standard, the AVnu Alliance certifies AVB devices for interoperability and provides member companies with certification tools to pre-test AVB-based devices before entering the formal testing procedures. The AVnu Alliance is joined by more than 50 manufacturers that include some of the largest AV, automotive and semiconductor companies.