Cablelabs Qualifies TiVo for CableCARD DVR

CableLabs has qualified DVR pioneer TiVo for the company's first "Digital Cable Ready" (DCR) product. The Tivo product was verified for compliance in a recently concluded test wave held at CableLabs's Louisville, Colo. facility.

The approval allows Tivo to build and deploy a CableCARD-enabled DCR digital video recorder (DVR), which would enable consumers to have unidirectional digital and HD cable programming without the need for a set-top box. The company said more than 400 digital television models from 22 different manufacturers have been verified or self-verified for compliance with the DCR testing program.

"We're excited to see the innovation that is possible in Digital Cable Ready products," said Mike Hayashi, chairman of the OpenCable Certification Board and senior vice president of Advanced Engineering and Technology at Time Warner Cable.

Cablelabs is a consortium of cable companies and consumer electronics manufacturers tasked with promoting interoperability among cable devices and applications. Its testing is conducted to show compliance with the DCR test suite. Verification or certification indicates that the DTVs have shown compliance with the DCR test suite, but does not verify conformance with all applicable specifications, FCC rules, intellectual property licenses, or any other legal requirements applicable to DCR products, nor does it imply any subjective measure of product performance.