CableLabs Confab Features '1394 Over Coax via UWB'

Demos at this week's CableLabs Summer Conference included 1394 over coaxial cable via UWB (ultra wideband) technology, being promoted by the 1394 Trade Association and High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA).

The demos were designed to encourage the use of existing home coax for various HD-centric devices such as monitors, DVRs, DVD players, multimedia PCs, STBs and network-attached storage devices, according to both groups. The demonstrations are using equipment and technology developed by Pulse-Link, Freescale Semiconductor and Samsung.

Proponents said at the confab in Keystone, Colo., that 1394 over coax via UWB provides a home distribution capability that runs smoothly over existing coax and can coexist with legacy cable and satellite programming. The groups said the technology meets the requirements of CE suppliers and cable providers for HD video and audio applications.