CableLabs certifies Samsung DTV

CableLabs has certified an integrated digital television set model by Samsung Electronics that connects directly to cable television systems and receives digital services without requiring a set-top box.

Samsung’s DTV, using CableCARD technology, will be able to directly receive HDTV and other one-way digital programs via cable, including premium services, without the need for any external hardware. The DTVs also are interoperable on digital cable systems throughout the United States and Canada, where such DTVs are supported.

CableCARD removable security modules enable a device to decode encrypted or scrambled content delivered from digital cable systems. It enables manufacturers and retailers to ensure interoperability between set-top boxes and digital television sets that enable consumers to receive premium digital services.

CableLabs Certified means that the device has passed a series of tests for compliance with the indicated version of the specification and has thus demonstrated interoperability with multiple cable distribution networks.

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