CableLabs Certifies 'Digital Cable Ready' DTV Models

CableLabs said that more than 60 new DTV models from 11 different manufacturers have been verified or self-verified as Digital Cable Ready (DCR) products. To be verified, these DTV sets have to comply with the unidirectional digital cable product test suite. This means they can work with various "CableCARDs" available for U.S. cable networks. While the CableLabs tests do not certify conformance with all applicable specifications or FCC rules, any set labeled as "Digital Cable Ready" must be able to receive terrestrial DTV broadcasts.

"We're excited to see the large number of DCR products entering the market," said Don Dulchinos, vice president of Advanced Platforms and Services at CableLabs. "These numerous choices for DTVs, together with all of the high definition and other digital programming already offered by cable operators, are finally making the digital transition a reality in peoples' living rooms."

I was not able to find a list of the individual DTV models that had been verified as "Digital Cable Ready" on the CableLabs Web sites at or at However, the news release CableLabs Verifies Three DTV's indicated 11 manufacturers' whose DCR DTV sets were certified: Hitachi, LGE, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Thomson, and Toshiba. Also see Nine DTV Manufacturers Preparing for Digital Cable-Ready TV Rollout.
A listing of HDTV products can be found in the HDTV Guide from This Week In Consumer Electronics (TWICE).