Cablecast Community Streamlines Operations for Hawaii’s NLTV

Cablecast Community Media NLTV
(Image credit: Cablecast Community Media)

MINNEAPOLIS—Nā Leo TV (NLTV), a PEG station serving Hawaii, recently switched to Tightrope Media Systems’ Cablecast Community Media platform to help streamline its operations, including scheduling and remote access.

NLTV uses Cablecast Live and Cablecast Pro VOD solutions to publish its live channels and on-demand content to its website and mobile offerings. The station also relies on Cablecast’s intuitive interface for scheduling and playout purposes.

During a 2018 volcanic eruption, NLTV was able to use Cablecast CG’s Carousel bulletin board software, which displayed press releases from the Civil Defense Agency, as well as audio and daily updates from U.S.G.S volcanologists, to provide emergency updates.

During the pandemic, Cablecast’s remote access capabilities enabled staff to handle scheduling of both recorded and live broadcasts.

NLTV recently added the Enco enCaption system, which provides automated closed captioning for the Cablecast channels. There are also plans to integrate information like school closures and storm watch notices into its channels in the future.

“Cablecast has been a very dependable solution for us at a reasonable price, and makes it very easy to manage our programming,” said William Maffit, IT manager at NLTV. “It has been very good for our operations and helped us be even more valuable to our community.”