BYU selects Telecast Fiber transmission products for Marriott Center

Brigham Young University’s Marriott Center is using fiber linking and transmission systems from Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc. as part of its fiber-optic infrastructure
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Saving time and resources at Brigham Young University's Marriott Center, the Telecast Copperhead camera-mounted transceivers enable several video signals to travel down a single fiber strand.

Brigham Young University’s Marriott Center, which includes an end-to-end fiber infrastructure for coverage of the school’s basketball games and nearly 100 other events, is using fiber linking and transmission systems from Telecast Fiber Systems.

The equipment will deliver both SD and HD video signals in the building, as well as some of the center’s audio signals.

Within the Marriott Center, five Telecast CopperHead camera-mounted transceivers are mounted on the back of five Panasonic SDX900 digital cameras. Each transceiver transmits video, audio, intercom and camera-control data bi-directionally over a single, lightweight optical fiber. Signals from three Panasonic WVCS854B robotic cameras - used for unique shots including views from the ceiling and highlights from the “Slam Cam” located behind the backboard - are transmitted to the Marriott Center control room via Telecast's Viper systems, as are signals for the facility’s Mitsubishi Diamond Vision large-screen video display.

Cecil Harrison, video supervisor for the Office of Information Technology's events staff at BYU, said that the flexibility of Telecast’s Viper II throw-down modules allows his team to establish signals virtually anywhere in the building and move them easily. Telecast's CopperHead units also allow BYU to feed all camera signals onto one cable (just a quarter-inch in diameter), as opposed to the much thicker multicore cables they had previously used.

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