Bytemobile 'Mobile Metrics Report' describes current video usage

According to Bytemobile’s latest “Mobile Minute Metrics Report” report, YouTube accounts for 36 percent of the total video traffic on wireless networks. Four of the top 10 video domains worldwide are adult content-specific sites, and these four sites generate nearly 15 percent of the total video traffic on wireless networks. Last, there is a significant amount of long-tail video being accessed across wireless networks worldwide.

Looking at the impact of video usage on the network bandwidth and the customer experience, Bytemobile found that mobile video is the single largest factor in reduced bandwidth availability and network congestion. Mobile video consumption peaks around 10 p.m. across time zones, at which point networks also experience the most congestion. Stalling occurs on even the fastest of networks, said the Bytemobile report, and mobile users choose lower-quality videos to avoid stalling. HD video is nearly nonexistent on wireless networks, at .07 percent.

Bytemobile’s “Mobile Minute Metrics Report” anonymously sources data traffic in a global cross-section of the larger Bytemobile customers’ wireless networks. The company’s products and services are deployed with 117 operators in 58 countries and 12 of the world’s top 15 tier-one operators. Customers include AT&T, China Mobile, China Telecom, KDDI, KPN, O2, Orange, Orascom, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Telecom Italia Mobile, Telefónica, TeliaSonera and Vodafone.