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BTX offers Belden Brilliance HD BNC connectors for coax cable

BTX Technologieshas added Belden Brilliance HD BNC broadcast connectors to its expanding product line-up.

Designed for use with Belden Brilliance video coaxial cables, the BNC connectors offer the performance and rock-solid reliability required by professional integrators. Users can choose from three connector platforms to meet their application needs: three-piece crimp connectors, one-piece compression connectors and one-piece locking compression connectors.

All Brilliance BNC connectors provide excellent headroom and true 75-ohm performance. The devices offer the utmost in durability with brass construction and provide better than -20dB return loss performance through 4.5GHz, exceeding the SMPTE specification requirements.

Belden’s three-piece BNC crimp connector features a traditional pin, collar and connector design, and is designed specifically for Belden cable tolerances for better performance and durability. Belden also offers a limited lifetime connector warranty when the three-piece BNC crimp connector is partnered with Belden Brilliance cable.

The design of Belden’s one-piece BNC compression connector eliminates the pin, collar and connector as separate components, thereby providing faster, easier installation. In addition, the device provides excellent holding strength exceeding 100lbs thanks to internal 360-degree compression rings, and offers weather resistance for increased reliability. A nonblind entry ensures that the center conductor is properly inserted into the center pin. Improved insulation materials (PTFE) help to deliver optimum return-loss performance.

The locking one-piece BNC compression connector features an optional patented screw-on locking collar that securely aligns the connector and locks the bayonet nut in place, delivering an unparalleled level of electrical performance. By reducing potential movement between the connector and cable, the Belden locking connector delivers the line’s best return-loss performance, exceeding -40dB at 4GHz.