BSkyB Deploys Streambox Newsgathering System

U.K. broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting Limited (BSkyB) will be deploying the Streambox ACT-L3 newsgathering solution at its Sky News bureaus.

BSkyB is deploying the compact, single-box SBT3-7500 video transport system and the flexible ACT-L3 portable system, both of which are designed to provide reliable transmission in a variety of IP-based network environments. The portable encoders will be used for real-time video transmission and for sending on-site edited news segments. Both video transport systems are built on the Streambox ACT-L3 codec and advanced proprietary video compression technology, which will allow BSkyB to use packet-based networks in the real-time delivery of full-motion, full-frame interlaced broadcast video and audio.

BSkyB will also deploy the Streambox IFB Server and Client solution to simplify secure, real-time communications between control room or studio staff and field reporters. The company said low latency and low bandwidth requirements ensure smooth delivery of six channels of balanced audio.

"With a compact and rugged design, advanced video compression, and ability to transport high-quality pictures over a variety of low-bandwidth IP networks, the Streambox solution gives our newsgathering staff much greater flexibility in delivering live coverage from around the globe," said Bevan Gibson, Sky News technology executive. "Using this flexible, yet powerful kit, our first response teams will be able to get set up quickly and transmit better-quality pictures, faster than before, as events unfold."