Broadcasters rank technology vendors for value

In today’s economic climate, broadcast professionals are now more than ever looking for value when they purchase technology products.

But “value” is a highly subjective metric, which is related to, but not necessarily equal to, cost. Sure, for some respondents, value might mean low price, but for others, it might mean superior price/performance or peace of mind in mission-critical environments, regardless of the price.

Whatever the definition of value, the combination of a poor economy over the past few years and customer budget constraints have made many broadcast professionals more value-conscious than ever. As a result, broadcast technology vendors must respond by continually delivering more value for less money. This drives innovation in the broadcast supply chain because vendors are forced to compete on multiple levels.

To find out which broadcast technology vendors rank the highest for “value for money,” we asked respondents of the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey to rank broadcast technology vendor brands on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being best in the market and one being worst in the market. The top 30 ranked brands for overall opinion are shown in the figure for the global sample of all respondents.

There are a wide variety of vendors on this list, including large and small companies and those who produce audio and video products. To better understand what drives the perception of value, we need to look at some of the factors behind these results. These include the number of products produced by each vendor, the geographic location of each vendor and the types of product produced by the top 30 value companies.

When reviewing these results, it’s important to understand how many products are produced by each vendor on this list. This will help us to understand whether reliability comes from small, focused companies or large, multiproduct vendors.

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