Broadcasters, Auto Experts to Discuss NextGen TV and Connected Vehicles

ONE Media ATSC 3.0
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HUNT VALLEY, Md.—Sinclair’s ONE Media 3.0 and AutoMobility Advisors, a leading connected auto industry strategist, have announced that they will hold a series of three webinars focused on how NextGen Broadcast/Multicast can improve over-the-air (OTA) data transmission to connected vehicles.  

Insider Intelligence predicts that by 2025 70% of US licensed drivers will drive a Connected Vehicle. But current cellular wireless technologies can present challenges to automotive manufacturers due to data transport costs, lack of ubiquitous coverage, and limited reliability during emergency situations, the webinar organizers said. 

This three-part webinar series will address how a new wireless broadcast/multicast network technology, powered by NextGen Broadcast (ATSC 3.0), can augment existing networks and improve the Connected Vehicle experience for consumers and manufacturers.

The first webinar will be held on Thursdays at 12 PM Eastern Time on October 27 with a panel for former auto executives and broadcasters. That discussion will feature:

  • Connected Vehicle proof of concept activities and a report from CAST.ERA on NextGen Broadcast/Multicast Connected Vehicle testing over the past three years. They have quietly been making significant progress that has gone unreported in the U.S. Cast.Era is a technology development joint venture between SK Telecom, the largest mobile carrier in South Korea and Sinclair Broadcast Group. 
  • A report on 5G/NextGen Broadcast/Multicast integration programs. Members of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC, an international standards development organization), including Cast.Era, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and ONE Media 3.0, are working on various international initiatives involving wireless IP distribution including integration with 3GPP standards. These include activities in South Korea (integration into the automotive environment) and India (which is testing a “Direct to Mobile Broadcast” model). These technologies are moving along faster than many realize, the participants reported. 

Additional webinars will occur on November 10, and December 1. 

The organizers noted that NextGen Broadcast/Multicast is a wireless Internet Protocol (IP) multicast network technology being integrated with advanced telecom platforms (3GPP 4G/5G systems), supporting automotive functions benefiting from multicast data delivery and significant efficiency gains. This new multicast network for automotive is being readied by U.S. broadcasters.

Among the Connected Vehicle functions that could see improvement are OTA car updates (software upgrades), Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning (providing continuous centimeter accurate geolocation), safety and emergency alerting, and live or pre-positioned infotainment.

To address those developments the webinar series will also feature:

  • A report from national NextGen Broadcast/Multicast spectrum aggregators;
  • A CES 2023 Show sneak peek at the introduction of the first U.S. NextGen Broadcast/Multicast-enabled vehicles;
  • Automotive Advanced Emergency Information (AEI) services and;
  • An invitation to participate in NextGen Broadcast/Multicast spectrum efficiency testing and RTK geolocation testing.

“The past year has seen significant NextGen Broadcast milestones achieved including half of U.S. households in markets now able to receive a NextGen Broadcast/Multicast signal, while South Korea and Jamaica are moving forward with their related adoptions,” explained Mark Aitken, president of ONE Media 3.0 and senior vice president of advanced technology at Sinclair Broadcast Group. “India, Brazil, and many other countries are looking at these solutions and the real value added to the wireless marketplace. Now is the right time to share the automotive technology development projects we have all been working on.”

Each webinar will have one hour for speaker presentations and focused questions, followed by 30 minutes of audience Q&A.

Webinar #1: October 27, 2022: ATSC 3.0 value proposition for automakers

What is NextGen Broadcast/Multicast, which Connected Vehicles functions can it improve, and why consider it now?

The basic value proposition: Improved efficiency and adding unique value. Use cases where NextGen Broadcast/Multicast networks are being deployed to supplement 5G and LTE networks.

Webinar #2: November 10, 2022: Three Connected Vehicle functions that can be made more efficient by adding a supplemental NextGen Broadcast/Multicast network

Automotive and NextGen Broadcast/Multicast experts take a deep dive on connected OTA (mobile software updates), continuous RTK (geolocation), and live or pre-positioned in car infotainment.

Webinar #3: Dec. 1, 2022: V2X: As automotive connectivity extends to other vehicles, road infrastructure, and even smart city data, what value can an ATSC 3.0 network add?

Registration for the webinar series is available here (opens in new tab)

George Winslow is the senior content producer for TV Tech. He has written about the television, media and technology industries for nearly 30 years for such publications as Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and TV Tech. Over the years, he has edited a number of magazines, including Multichannel News International and World Screen, and moderated panels at such major industry events as NAB and MIP TV. He has published two books and dozens of encyclopedia articles on such subjects as the media, New York City history and economics.