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Broadcast Pix unveils integrated live video production capabilities in Version 2

Broadcast Pix is introducing Version 2 software for the Broadcast Pix Studio system. For the price of a conventional switcher, Version 1 already provided a switcher, Inscriber CG, digital disk recorder, still store, logo generator and three DVEs. Now Version 2 enhances this integrated live video production system with new options: camera control, animations for the CG, a second DDR channel, and a Pinnacle 3D DVE.

New standard features in Version 2 include StudioMemory for recalls that combine all of the system’s tools, and ShowBuilder for the off-line pre-production of shows. Broadcast Pix systems are used in news, sports, corporate, education, religious and government studios.

For more information, visit Booth SU9524 or go to

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