Broadcast Networks Builds Interactive TV Test Bed for ITV

Broadcast Networks recently completed an installation for ITV that allows the broadcaster to test its interactive services on the Sky platform.

The London facility involves a Red Rat programming system and 60 set-top boxes fed with satellite signals from their RF distribution system. The output of the set-top boxes is fed to two 52-inch Sharp LCD screen at full High Definition. A team uses the screens to test the effectiveness of the ITV "red button" service.

Brian Hann, ITV technical director, said: "We needed a test facility that would allow us to check that our 'red button' service was working to its full potential. Broadcast Networks have carried out installations for us in the past so we knew that they would be able to tackle this project in a timely way and devise any wiring or custom components required to make the system work".

Interactivity is widely used by broadcasters to directly involve audiences in programme content; it is particularly relevant for advertisers looking to create more engaging television campaigns.