Broadcast Australia Acquires HK 'Confined Coverage' Engineering Group

Transmission provider Broadcast Australia has acquired a majority share in a Hong Kong-based business specialising in indoor and confined space coverage, with the view to delivering indoor mobile TV solutions.

The 55 per cent acquisition of Radio Frequency Engineering Ltd. (RFE) will allow the two companies to work together closely on digital broadcast network developments, in particular broadcast mobile TV networks across the Asia/Pacific region.

According to Chris Jaeger, managing director of Broadcast Australia's International Business Group, coverage inside buildings and tunnels will be essential for mobile TV services. "It is now very clear that good indoor mobile TV coverage will be essential to the success of networks rolled out", said Jaeger. "As a regional leader in the design and integration of confined coverage systems, RFE has the necessary skill-set to complement our core expertise in terrestrial broadcast networks".

Jaeger said that RFE will continue to operate according to its core operating principles, maintaining good continuity of personnel and business with existing customers who remain a key focus for the company. Moreover, the company will now benefit from the resources and expertise brought to it by Broadcast Australia. "RFE will be Broadcast Australia's 'beachhead' in Asia; we'll be focusing on business opportunities for our combined capabilities across the region", said Jaeger, who joins the board of the Hong Kong company.

"We are very excited to be joining the Broadcast Australia Group", said Raymond Sun, Managing Director of RFE. "The move will allow us to offer a much broader range of solutions-both technically and geographically. We recognise Broadcast Australia's leadership in digital broadcasting and mobile TV networks, and look forward to working with them on future network planning and deployment projects whilst we continue to work closely with our existing customers in our traditional markets".

RFE has previously completed numerous landmark indoor coverage for cellular and trunk radio communications projects in markets that include Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. These have included several metro/subways, airports and convention centres.