British Analog TV Shutdown Could Start This Year is running a Special Report on the DTV transition and the shutdown of analog TV in the United Kingdom. One article, Millions could face BBC TV switch-off in 2007 reported on proposals from the Digital Television Group to shut off analog transmitters on a staggered region-by-region basis. Stations would shut off their analog transmitters one by one to encourage viewers to switch to digital. Under the proposal, BBC1 and BBC2 could shut down analog broadcasting in three years. The article quoted one industry source saying "a switch-off could be tried out in parts of Wales as early as this year."

Another article, More than half of viewers make digital switch, said the success of the BBC and BSkyB-backed Freeview service helped push the number of digital homes to "just over 50 percent." Almost 950,000 Freeview boxes were sold in the final quarter of last year. The retail price of the boxes has dropped to 60 pounds, about US$111.

There are some concerns about the speed of the DTV conversion and the analog shutdown. See the story in my January 12, 2004 RF Report and Research reveals digital TV concerns. The Special Report page has links to many more articles on the DTV conversion in the United Kingdom.