brightline: About Fluorescent Lighting

As human beings, video and lighting professionals need to have a collective environmental consciousness. It truly is time to suppress prejudices based upon arcane technologies and misconceptions, to put aside unfounded resistance to fluorescent lighting technology, and use fluorescent fixtures anywhere and everywhere that it makes sense. Why? Because they save energy, reduce operating costs, improve safety conditions, and are now a controllable light source with traditional color temperature and dimming options. In the interest of dispelling myths, have a look at the following facts about fluorescent lighting:

* Fluorescents do mix with other light sources.
* Fluorescents do not require special make-up.
* Fluorescents do dim.
* Fluorescents do not flicker.
* Fluorescents are not green.
* Fluorescents do work lamped at daylight.

Fluorescent technology does not eliminate jobs within the studio environment. Rather, it allows the refocusing of energies on creative, rather than maintenance issues. Fluorescents are an ideal lighting choice for 24-hour studios and for news and other talking head-type formats requiring soft lighting. They can reduce energy requirements by up to 90% and system return on investment often takes less than one year.

Fluorescent light sources are a natural for low ceiling environments, rooms where heat is a problem, for situations where power is limited, challenges where set-up time must be minimized, temporary set-ups where universal voltage is desirable, portable shoots where dimmer packs and generators are cumbersome, rooms where existing house fluorescents must be supplemented for video use, not to mention traditional production, news, and conferencing environments.

brightline is a second-generation fluorescent manufacturer that has replaced installations already fluorescent and therefore efficient, through a platform of performance and aesthetics. The companyâs approach to fluorescent manufacturing is to produce instruments as close to incandescent artistic performance as possible, without the energy, heat, and short lamp life drawbacks of incandescent technology. This means small aperture, advanced dimming (3% in analog, 1% in digital), traditional dimming integration, traditional accessories, multiple accessory tracks, 3200K and 5600K lamps÷all coupled with the efficiencies of fluorescent operation.

brightline has expanded the energy-efficient fluorescent lighting function possibilities with its RGB cycSeries÷color-changing, DMX-controlled fixtures, which utilize T-5 lamp technology to illuminate cycloramas and provide alternatives to chromakey walls. Continuing the philosophy of producing energy-efficient light sources for suitable applications, brightline developed and patented the T-Series product line, multitask directional fixtures in standard ceiling trays, for recessed ceiling lighting applications such as teleconferencing and distance education.

With the increasing trend toward digital rather than film production by major industry producers, we are experiencing an increase in enthusiasm for fluorescent light sources. brightline's television clients span the world from lighting CBS's Dan Rather in the field, TVNZ of New Zealand, Tokyo's Shop Channel by Jupiter Broadcasting, Portugal's SIC-TV, to North Carolina's WRAL, with its new digital studio.

It is important for us at brightline to be an ally of the Green Lights and Energy Star Builders programs of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and to provide products with energy consciousness that offer security and clarity of communications to the world.

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