Brett Jenkins sheds light on ION Media Network’s mobile TV tests

It might seem a bit odd to be discussing mobile digital TV tests in a newsletter devoted to HDTV; however, the fact that mobile TV transmissions — if they are to become a reality for broadcasters — must fit in the same 19.4Mb/s bit bucket that holds broadcasters’ HD signals and multicast SD channels makes the topic seem more than fair game for “HD Technology Update.”

ION Media Networks recently tested digital mobile TV at its stations in Chicago and Denver as part of ongoing Open Mobile Video Coalition trials to determine the viability of the service. Both cities offer locales that put any transmission-receive system to the test. For example, stretches of Wacker Drive in Chicago are essentially a tunnel. How would mobile TV reception hold up there?

To answer that question and to gauge consumer reaction, ION Media conducted the tests — along with the FOX O&O in Chicago. Brett Jenkins, ION Media’s director of technology strategy and development, sheds light on what the broadcasters learned.

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