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Dell Promotes New Plasma, LCD Displays

Dell Computer lately has been promoting $500 instant discounts on some of its plasma and LCD TV monitors, in its direct-sell approach to marketing. Dell sells all its own products exclusively (mostly via its Web site and by phone), with no middlemen resellers.

Two of Dell's new home entertainment products include the W5001C (50-inch) Plasma HD and W3201C (32-inch) LCD, adding to the company's growing list of display offerings beyond typical (and smaller) computer monitors.

Priced by Dell at $3,799 (50-inch plasma) and $1,799 (32-inch CD), the new Dell TV displays have built-in tuners. In its literature, Dell underscores the growing synergy between online content, traditional TV programs, and emerging services such as HD, DVR and VOD, and suggests that a firm that builds and markets both computers and digital TV sets has an edge over the competition. Its computer business is doing quite well, thank you. As for the DTV flat-panel side, stay tuned.